the heat is on, and a goodbye

Brian fired up the furnace today while I was at (warm) school. But I don’t feel the victory like I should. I feel like we could have waited.

In other news, it seems I’ve become a victim of that old adage: “be careful what you wish for…” All my crabbing about the 7 vehicles cluttering up the yard and driveway has NOT fallen on deaf ears. Brian started selling some of them today. Well, he sold MY car today. WTF?? So, say goodbye to the Integra:

Really, I’m glad. Ever since we’ve moved to Central New York, it kills me to drive this car during the winter. In fact, the first winter I parked it. Last winter I drove it a little, but only if I had to. The sound of the sand and salt pinging the undercarriage made me cringe. The rust up here is terrible, really. And we can’t really afford the luxury of parking a “summer” car anymore. And a last reason in Brian’s defense: This is not a family car. Sure, it’s got 5 seatbelts, but the middle seat in the back is about 4 inches wide and when you factor in the car seat, there’s just no room for the kids to be comfortable.

So. Good-bye sweet Acura. I knew ye well.

And one gripe: Tonight the show _Without a Trace_ featured a story about a woman who, while on medication, fell asleep nursing her baby and killed her by rolling over her. I absolutely hate it when unconventional parenting/lifestyles are indicted in this manner; it reinforces general misunderstanding.

And while I grant that the woman’s drugged state makes the story more accurate (sleep-sharing deaths normally occur as a result of drug or alcohol use), I still cringe. So let me take a moment to offer testimony: I have three healthy children, two of whom spent two years sleep-sharing and one who currently sleeps between his mommy and daddy. They are all well-adjusted, secure, happy, confident children. Here’s partial proof:


4 thoughts on “the heat is on, and a goodbye

  1. probably a good observation to make about the possible message the show could send. if it makes you feel any better, ty & i were watching it too, & the thought never crossed our minds. we thought: if she’s that out of it, why in the world do they leave her alone w/that baby?! but we never thought anything about whether or not she should have been sleeping w/her if she HADN’T been drunk/stoned stupid. so i guess we’re already among the converted? 🙂

  2. I don’t sleephsare all the time with my daughter, but I can’t count how many times we’ve fallen asleep nursing. She often spends the morning sleeping with me after my husband gets up (far too early!) I feel like I have to hide that or apologize for it with other people. I don’t, typically. But I feel the urge, and it’s because of stories like this. Very frustrating.

  3. The story about a baby getting killed is sad but it’s a freak accident. How many millions of people were in that situation and that didn’t happen? Although one must wonder, if she was nursing the infant, why was she on a med?

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