Piled Higher and Deeper

I just wasted an entire hour reading comics. This one about working out has little to do with grad school, but everything to do with me.

Hello, Hershey Bar.

There are some REALLY hilarious ones… but they are also kinda scary. Like, yeah, this is me. Except that non of the characters is a mom. At least there weren’t any moms for the hour that I read.


One thought on “Piled Higher and Deeper

  1. it’s funny.

    last year, when i was only almost burned out, reading phd kept me writing. then i got really sick of the hamster wheel, & it stopped being funny. i wanted to tell the poor bastards to all drop out already. what where they doing there, anyway!??!

    now i have students, and no time to read webcomics. or your blog, ftm. does that stop me?

    none of them have students, either. it’s really not much at all like grad school as we know it…

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