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I should be working. I’m not.

Via Palmer.

Last Cigarette: I tried smoking when I was 9. It was pretty gross, and I got into SOOO much trouble with my step-dad for stealing his lighter (mentioning the actual punishment would have CPS after him even now, 20 years later).

Last Car Ride: Picked up my new contact lenses!

Last Kiss: few hours ago.

Last Good Cry: Probably last week.

Last Library Book: The Story of Junk, by Linda Yablonsky

Last book bought: Emotional Design, Donald Norman

Last Book Read: Reading The Secret Samurai, Helen Dewitt

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Embarrassed to admit it: Daddy Daycare. It was pretty bad.

Last Movie Rented: 13 Going on 30. But I didn’t get to see the whole thing.

Last Cuss Word Uttered: Fuck, I’m sure.

Last Beverage Drank: Rootbeer with dinner.

Last Food Consumed: Double cheeseburger. URgh.

Last Phone Call: Hannah’s friend’s mom, inviting her to spend the night.

Last Time Showered: This morning.

Last Shoes Worn: Adidas runners.

Last CD Played: Rachael Yamagata (she sounds like Fiona Apple… a lot)

Last Item Bought: Gatorade for the kids at the pool.

Last Download: Audacity, a multi-track recording/mixing program. Decent for freeware.

Last Annoyance: The baby crawling in circles in the bed, like a dog, trying to get comfortable. I can’t do anything while he does that, because at any moment he could roll off. I just have to wait, laying next to him, holding an ankle or shirt tail.

Last Disappointment: I’m rarely disappointed.

Last Thing Written: Duh, this?
Last Key Used: The damn Caravan. The exhaust stinks and the tires need replaced.

Last Words Spoken: Goodnight.

Last Sleep: Last Night.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Twist with chocolate dip.

Last Chair Sat In: This army-issue office chair that Brian and I fight over (two desks, two computers, one chair). Normally I get stuck with a stool or kitchen chair…but not tonight!!

Last Webpage Visited: Palmer!


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  1. Gatorade at the pool: $1.50, right?

    I use a ladderback chair in my office. It’s really less than ideal but I do have a recliner in here for reading.

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