comfort food

I couldn’t resist. As a runner and product of the no-fat vegan-leaning generation, the atkins diet and other no-carb trends really confound me. So George H. Williams’ post from a few days back (i got your atkins diet right here) caught my attention.

My comfort food: rice krispie treats. I have a dear friend and colleague who has an acute addiction to brownies (don’t laugh!! it’s true…she talks about them like cigarettes — “I’m down to a batch a day”), and my love and fervor for RKTs is frighteningly similar.

Certainly NOT low carb is my recipe. The conventional recipe, for those of you who might want to slice them into jaw-busting squares: 3 TBs butter, 10 ozs marshmallows, 6 Cs krispies (melt butter, add mellows and stir til creamy, remove from heat add krispies, put in buttered dish and refrigerate).

MY recipe: ONE STICK of butter, 16 ozs (or more) mallows, and 6 Cs (or less) krispies. Do not put them in the fridge, but leave them in the buttered dish. Do not cut into squares — take the entire dish with you to the computer desk and eat the WHOLE BATCH taffy-pull-style.

A folded (unscented) baby wipe works great to keep the sticky off the keyboard.