Collin vs. Blog: Dissertation advice?

Collin vs. Blog: Dissertation advice?

So that I can find this later! I should probably print this out, poster-sized, and hang it here over my desk.

It would be nice if Collin would run some advice on exam writing, but since I just had coffee with him last week and bled him of as much as I could, I’ll leave him alone for now.

What I hope to do (what I WILL do) is use the reading/writing for my exams as practice…set aside 3 hours a day in which I strictly discipline myself (no email, no surf, no…*gasp*…blog).

That way, by the time diss work begins, I’ll be prepared. Because I KNOW the kind of writer I am: “I can’t write anything…I don’t KNOW anyting!! I have to read more first!!” Everytime I sit down to write, I end up reading more. This fearful babble and inertia persists until the Incomplete looms like a purple thundercloud, threatening to rain Fs.

Hm. Maybe I should work on that last Incomplete before I worry about exams.


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  1. Frootloop-
    You are working on running a marathon??? I just started running again after a long break (well, 3 months ago I began running about a half mile on a flat road with the dog pulling me and Mari biking ahead) but I haven’t had a lot of motivation (other than needing to get in shape) or a lot of time for it. I have been planning to start next week when Mari goes to a different camp that starts earlier…but if you give me the stats on what you are running at now…maybe we can run together, a “long distances”-running “relationship”. Then, in March, when you run the marathon, I can cheer you on from the side lines…or, depending on how long the marathon is, I will join you. I think it would be awesome or maybe I am just insane. Either way, what do you think? You are not a frootloop. You are unique. And a little crazy.

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