being a real adult, and other excitement

I return from a Sunny Days board meeting. Sunny Days is the pre school at a Methodist church that Jack attends, and somehow last year I got wrangled into sitting on the board (it probably has to do with my girl scout troop meeting at that same church, my teaching VBS at that church, and my general hanging out at that church).

This year I’ve been wrangled into chairing this board.

Needless to say, I am the youngest person on the board, which makes me feel strange. I am also the least Christian on this board (which will evidence itself more fully later in this post). And these people, to make a long and agonizing story less agonizing, nit pick about the smallest thing. We had an hour-long discussion about TV brackets in the classrooms! They were too low! The kids will swing on them! We’ll get sued when the TVs fall down on them! We have to send home no-fault letters that the parents sign, stating they understand that if their kids swing on the brackets, pull the 300lb TV on top of themselves, and are subsequently crushed, that the parents will hold the school harmless!

I drive to the meeting feeling like a real adult, a real member of a community, and leave feeling like adults sure can trifle a body to death…Like I’d rather swing on the bracket and be crushed myself than argue about the dumb brackets!!

MORE exciting is that I finally got the bookmarklet to work, so now I don’t have to sign into typepad to post!! I tried a while back, and for some reason the drag-n-drop was not behaving. This is really what I’d rather have spent two hours doing tonight: figuring out the trackback crap. I will!!

In other news: I am letting the bloglines account dissolve. I can be a frootloop here; in fact, I may create a category for that personality so it can feel free to post. For those of you who don’t know frootloop, she is a runner who thinks she’s training for the Shamrock marathon in Virginia Beach this March. She has trouble understanding that we have children to feed, classes to prepare for/teach, and exams to read for/write. She has trouble understanding that we need to sleep !!

Frootloop thinks we are buddhist.


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