a drumroll for my blogroll

Three months, it’s taken me, to put in a people list. It is only about half of the blogs from my favorites, but I need to go through some of the others to see if I want to list them here or not. I liked the way bloglines let me build a blogroll by searching and selecting, but the frames set up over there was really driving me batshit. Plus, when you visit your blogs over there, it doesn’t actually send you to that blog, it simply opens it, bare bones design, without any commenting functions or any of the other extras people add in their margins.

Got up to run this morning at 6:30 and as I snuck the little one into the crib (we sleep-share at night), his little eyes flew open and proceeded to wake completely up. This is the second time I’ve had to forego a morning run because little dude decides he can’t continue to sleep in the crib. I would leave him in the bed except he has a penchant for crawling out and landing on his head.

Today is an off day technically, but we got rained out yesterday night. We ran Monday on an off day, so we aren’t behind on weekly mileage yet. But D is going to MA for her anniversary this weekend, so we’ll be on our own to keep it up, and we all know how well I motivate myself without her (and if we don’t know: I normally cannot even get into my shoes!).