A Load Off

The part I most hate about teaching is grading. Every semester, I vow to keep closer, more precise grades so that I can whip out an easy, unquestionable mathematic explanation for every grade. Last spring, I taught an online upper division course, for which I had one student who turned everything in late and neglected to show up for the synchronous discussions. This person got a C.

He railed back in a poorly written email memo, saying that *I* was ruining his gpa, etc etc. So I had to stay up last night and “break down” his grade, which I hate doing because it’s time consuming and makes me feel like I have to defend myself and my judgment. I resist doing it altogether, because in offering up the guts of my gradebook I feel somehow vulnerable. At any rate, it’s done. Whew. Now I hope he’ll quit bothering me about it, because you can’t argue with numbers (haha).