my deodorant smells like froot loops

Those of you who know me *well* know that I have trouble finding deodorant that works. Often, even, I go without deordorant altogether because what might smell good in the store (and yes, I stand in the store opening sticks and smelling them) usually stinks under my arms.

Today I found a !!NEW!! brand that I haven’t tried yet, so I smelled a few sticks, found a flavor that didn’t smell like baby powder, and brought it home. Jack found !!NEW!! Froot Loops that were 1/3 less sugar, so we decided to try them, too.

On our way out the door to pick up Hannah and take her to dance, I slathered some new deo on, and Jack grabbed the box of cereal to munch in the van. And I realized on the interstate that I couldn’t tell which I was sniffing: my armpits or the Froot Loops? I sniffed in the box (quickly, since I was driving), and I sniffed in my armpits…

They smelled the same!!

Best of all, my pits still smell like breakfast cereal, several hours later. I might be saved from my own rebellious biology after all.